Fortress of Cerbaia

Cantagallo (PO) XI century

City of Cantagallo (PO) - Particularly courageous recovery of a unique palace of the XIII century, which belonged to Alberti family. The fortress was built with one of five sides on the edge of the abyss that characterizes the rocky hill. Over the years, presumably in the sixteenth century, this side of the rock slid into the abyss, making the fortress completely unusable. The recovery, which lasted nearly a decade, has been associated with a campaign of archaeological research that led to the identification of structures prior to the construction of the castle and the existence of a cemetery area. During the excavations it was possible to discover the traces of a hoist used during the construction of the fortress that was rebuilt for educational purposes. Although the conservative status of the fortress did not allow a total conservative recovery it was decided to rebuild a portion of wall that would allow recovery of an embankment that once existed for the holding of outdoor events. Again the partial reconstruction was aimed at the re-use of the property, and a necessary condition to get the funding for the recovery and to plan, over time, the necessary maintenance. The nature of the ruin has been preserved although it was put under control. .