Aghinolfi Castle

Montignoso (MS) VIII century A.D.

Commissioned by City of Montignoso (MS). - The restoration of Aghinolfi Castle in Montignoso was among the most challenging for the conservative state of the ruin, for the extent of the ruins that occupy about 10,000 square meters of hillside, the wealth of architectural and archaeological layers, for the investment of nearly three million euro and a period of ten years. It was a complex construction yard, where the archaeological research has gone hand in hand with the restoration, the consolidation and the valorisation of the result and the archaeological discoveries through the exhibition of the finds. The goal achieved was very satisfying because it allowed the recovery of abandoned ruins, the discovery of secret underground passages and its transformation into a museum for outdoor events that can create employment. The draft of the first lot has been shared with the architects Andrea Tenerini, Antonio Silvestri. .