Fortress of Villa Basilica

Villa Basilica (LU) XIV century

City of Villa Basilica (LU). - On top of a hill above the village of Villa Basilica a large cylindrical tower was created and, attached to it, diamond-shaped, the walls of a small castle destroyed in the fifteenth century. Never rebuilt, the castle has been a ruin for centuries and as a ruin has been immortalized in many photographs and vintage postcards. To prevent the structural collapse, the municipal administration, the legitimate owner, has undertaken its restoration in 2005 with a partial restoration associated with archaeological excavations. The project, still unfinished, includes the recovery of all the walls, the restoration of the soldiers walkway and the creation, on the inside, of a structure for outdoor shows. Also in this case, as in the previous ones, it is essential to combine the restoration with a new recovery function that justifies its existence and encourages conservation.